09 December 2010

ODJC Fundraiser Team tournament this weekend!

There will be an Team tournament this Saturday, the 11th, at Longfields Davidson Heights in BarrHaven. A team will consist of 2 Female and 3 Male players (all ages). Registration form can be found here.

I'm not sure currently how many teams are registered but this tournament could get you pumped up since the Mark Grantham Team tournament will be rolling in February 5-6th, 2011. I haven't really decided whether to take photos at this event yet, mostly depending on the demand. However regardless, good luck to all participants this weekend =)

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70+ more photos for District Championships

It's crazy studying season so the updates have slowed down. I've posted up another 70+ photos from the District Championship that I were taken by Ming. I also cleaned up the gallery a little so that everyone doesn't have to scroll through a massive page. Hope you enjoy the photos. Still another 70+ to go! =)

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03 December 2010

More photos to come!

It's been a little while since the District Championships and more photos are still rolling in! I'm looking at a set from Ming Lee right now and they'll be posted up over the weekend as I clean them up ^.^

Keep watching for more updates! =)
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