25 November 2010

District Championship photos are up!!

Hit up the District Championship gallery for the photos I've promised =) Still more to come. ^,^

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23 November 2010

District Championship teasers posted

I've put up some teasers in the gallery for you guys to drool over. There are well over 100 photos to go through so stay tuned =)

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19 November 2010

New photos for CarletonU Tournament posted!

The District Badminton Championship is starting in a couple hours starting with Men's and Women's Singles. To wet everyone's lips a little more, I've put up more photos from the Carleton U Intra-club tournament. =)

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18 November 2010

ODBA District Championship 2010 Line up

The line-up for the District Badminton Championship this weekend has now been posted! Good luck to all the players and I hope you all have fun =)


For the nerds/techy ppl: the link does not show up well in Chrome. Firefox works well though.
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16 November 2010

Carleton Photos are UP!!!

The tournament was a blast with nice range of players. =) Congrats to all the winners and I hope everyone enjoyed their door prizes as well. I've posted up some of the photos from the tournament so far in the Carleton gallery. Hit it up and I hope you like them. ^,^ More photos will be added as I sort them all out.

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11 November 2010

CUBC Intra-Club Tournament

It is now official! Luckily not too late either! The Carleton University Badminton Club (CUBC) Intra-Club Tournament is happening this Sunday, November 14, 2010 from 10am to 6pm!

It'll be an open doubles tournament so you can pair up with whomever you want. However your combined skill level cannot exceed 8 for mens doubles and 9 for mixed. If you're unsure of your skill level, I'm sure members such as Carter Chin can give you a rough estimate. It's $10 per person so not a bad deal. This will ultimately fund the annual Eugene Lee Open tournament so join in to help make the tournaments better =)

Naturally this will be held on the Carleton campus, in the Norman Fenn gym. For more information, you can check out their website. Hope to see you all there!

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09 November 2010

In prep for the tournament season

Following my previous photo post, here's some photos taken from this year's Mark Grantham Tournament at the RA Centre. A highly anticipated tournament, the Mark Grantham is the talk of the town once the District Championships are done. A look forward as we start that run of upcoming tournaments. =)

You can find more in the Mark Grantham 2010 gallery.

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04 November 2010

District Championships coming up!!

It's that time of the year again: leaves are strewn over the pavements... leftover halloween candy is lying all over the kitchen... and the District Championship just around the corner...

The tournament, typically the first of the badminton season, will be held on November 19-21 at the RA centre. It will have the expected A-B-C events with minimum 2 matches per event. We even see the same crowded schedule like every year!

Men's Singles - 19th, 6pm
Women's Singles - 19th, 7pm
Men's Doubles - 20th, 9am
Ladies' Doubles - 20th, 11am
Mixed Doubles - 20th, 1:30pm
Finals - 21st, 11am

It'll be $20 for one event and $35 for 2-3 events so join early! The prices will jump after November 9th. Of course, you will also have access to have free therapeutic massages while at the tournament. So all in all, not a bad deal. You can find additional information on the registration form.

Hope to see you all attend and feel free to say 'hi' to the good-looking guy running around with the camera =P
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