23 October 2010

Line Judge training for the Pan Am Games

Looks like there will be some training for Line Judging for any avid player here in Ottawa. As I was told about this:

In 2015, the City of Toronto will be host to the Pan Am Games, which will include the sport of Badminton. A significant number of volunteers will be required to ensure that the badminton competition not only runs smoothly but professionally. A few hundred volunteers will be needed for the badminton courts line judges from all five districts of Badminton Ontario.

The Ministry of Health Promotion has approved a grant to conduct these training sessions with a scheduled completion date in the spring of 2011.

Once a participant has completed his/her initial training session they will be encouraged to work as a volunteer Line judge at as many badminton tournaments as possible. They will be provided access to the Badminton Ontario web site where they can update their work record each time they volunteer (and actually work) as a Line Judge.

It is important to note that only actual on court work is to be recorded, as it is actual games/matches worked that is required to gain experience as a Line Judge. This record of work will be maintained for at least the next 5 years. Those volunteers who have performed their duties as a Line Judge most often, and excelled at the job, will be offered the opportunity to volunteer at the 2015 Pan Am Games. While it has yet to be established, it might be anticipated that a minimum age will be required to work as a Line Judge at the Games. It is therefore suggested that only those who will be at least 18 years of age at the time of the Games, be encouraged to take the Line Judge training if they wish to be considered for the Games.

So the question is.....

Do YOU know the lines....?!

Those participating in this training program will receive a tee shirt that will identify them as being a part of the training program. It should be worn each time the participant is working as a Line Judge so that the Referee and/or Tournament Coordinator know they are part of the program and can monitor their work at the various tournaments.

If you're interested, please fill in the application through the link below
Registration PDF and email the application along with a confirmation email to Fei Tam @ odbaweb@gmail.com....THANKS!!!!

I will be attending since I will get a chance to know about all the tournaments and event coming up. Besides, it never hurts to re learn the rules =P
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18 October 2010

Death on the Court

A teaser of things to come... Taken last year at the Mark Grantham tournament held at the RA Centre =)

Death on the Court

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05 October 2010

Ottawa Badminton Photos is born!!

I've been asked a couple times now to start up a website for my badminton photos.... To try out this venture, I figured this could be a pretty good place to start.....

Let me know how this goes!
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